Melbourne is getting Australia’s first esports bar

Melbourne is getting a sports bar unlike any you’ve seen. And that’s because it’s an esports bar. And until this second, you probably hadn’t heard of esports.

In a nutshell, esports are video games played by professionals (some of whom are now commanding huge salaries in line with football players) and watched by a global audience of about 75 million. Yep, watching people play video games is such a growing field that the NFL is investing in teams, the Adelaide Crows have bought players and Etihad stadium will soon be hosting a tournament.

And from late August you’ll be able to go and get your fix at GG EZ on Queen Street. GG EZ will be similar to a traditional sports bar, except the screens will be showing professional video game bouts. Food is yet to be determined but there will be a strong emphasis on cocktails, coordinated by Lachlan McAlister who was integral in launching Thank You Come Again venues like Mr Wow’s Emporium. The future is now.

GG EZ will open at 93-95 Queen Street, Melbourne, in late August.

[Source: Good Food]


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