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Fun facts about me

I have been in the live streaming game since 2005, way before was around. I used with an ADSL connection, streaming at 480p.

Part of the Media team at my local church, we filmed the Sunday sermons with a whole production of cameras, lights, vision mixers etc. along with live-streaming.

The first video game I played was Xenon 2: Megablast back in the Intel 386 days.

DOS was the OS at the time and all we had for sound was a single internal speaker with 8bit tunes. Ahh, those were the days, with super bulky CRT Monitors, PS2 mice, and floppy drives. Duke Nukem 3D took 13 floppies 😮

I love collecting video games. Why? you may ask. Well so that if there is ever a game that the stream wants to see I most like have it at the ready.

Also, one day (if I ever have kids) I could pass my collection on to them. But by then, I’m sure everything will be 100k VR holograms and my collection will be super lame. 🙁

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